Living in the wonderful space of your own, appreciate the delicate and artistic Mirror and taste the exiguous movement of life slowly. When facing the windows in every season, we can not help imagining the flowers in the spring. There are wisps of breeze blowing, wisps of fragrant flowing everywhere.

Mirror Thicknesses

3mm suitable for framed mirrors only.

4mm suitable for large-size framed mirrors or any small-size frameless mirrors. 

6mm suitable for any size of frameless mirrors. 

8mm suitable for frameless mirrors in large sizes that require special strength. 

Mirror Sizes

The maximum dimension for the mirrors is 244*183 cm.

In case of having a size bigger than that, it will be only possible by dividing the size on different mirrors. 


Polished Edge Mirrors

For any frameless mirror with thickness more than 3mm. 


Bevel Edged Mirrors

For any frameless mirror with a thickness more than 3mm. 

The bevel edging is available in 1cm, 2cm, and 3cm (as shown in the image). 

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