When you buy a glass from Farah Gallery, you can be certain that you’re getting the highest-quality glass available.

Farah Gallery has added durability to thousands of homes in Amman with our glass table tops. Having a glass top for your furniture insures that your wood remain free of scratches and continue to add beauty to your room for years on end. No matter what the shape or edge we can always accommodate your needs.

Glass furniture protectors look elegant and beautiful in pristine setting. besides looking beautiful, these act as a protection cover for your furniture, preventing them from scratches, nicks, sun damage, glass rings, scuffs, or any other possible damage.
Thickness available: (3mm), (5mm), (6mm), (8mm),(10mm), (12mm), (15mm), (20mm).

Checklist for when glass sits directly on the surface of furniture:

  • Glass Thickness: 8mm is the preferred thickness. 10mm or 12mm can be used for effect but make sure that the furniture can carry the weight.
  • Edge Type: flat polish is the preferred edge work. However, pencil polish or beveled polish can be used to give accent or a dramatic effect.
  • Glass Strength: Annealed glass is sufficient to protect the table but glass can always be tempered for added safety, especially if there are younger kids in the house.

How to Replace Table Top Glass

We have everything you need to get the perfect glass table top replacement. When you’re ordering glass for table tops, there are a few things you need to remember:

Choose a Shape: Round glass table tops are very common, but square and rectangle glass table tops are just as popular. First choose the shape of glass you need.

Measure: Simply measure the width and length and enter them when you are placing your order. For a round glass table top, you need only one number – the distance across the table, measured through the center. This is called the diameter.

Customize: During this step, you can choose tempered glass table top replacements, or choose from a variety of edge types. Rounded holes or corners in the center are not a problem.

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